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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  September 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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new f-b-i numbers show the murder rate is up across the country - but that's not the case here in arizona. the numbers - released today - show a six percent increase in violent crime in arizona. most of that bump coming from an increased number of aggravated number of sexual assaults dropped five percent - and the murder rate was basically flat. arizona is one of 32 states - receiving federal funding for police body cameras. the justice department handing out $20 million dollars in grants. the white house has been encouraging the use of police body cameras - to increase transparency in policing. that money will be shared among 100 u.s. cities. 0598vh.mxf 22:53:02;08 are you planning on getting arrested today? no, i plan on going out and closing that bridge with my fellow protestors and praying to god for justice for
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activist jarrett maupin - may not have "planned" on getting arrested - but that is exactly what happened during a morning march across the mill avenue bridge. maupin - one of three protesters - who ended up in custody. late this afternoon - maupin made his first apperance before a judge. he's accused of blocking a public thoroughfare - and resisting arrest. he was released without bail - and will be back in court next month. the goal of today's march - was b to a deadly police shooting in tempe. liz kotalik was at the march - and has the details. vafter twenty minutes of peaceful protests...06291g.mxf nat: don't repeated out of the middle of the mill
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the protesters who were arrested have been released from police custody. as for the status of the investigation into hollins' death...tempe police says they're hoping it gets wrapped up soon. charlotte ends it's midnight curfew - as protests in that city - begin to quiet down. the protests began last week - over the deadly police shooting of keith scott. the governor declared a state of emergency - and the national guard was brought in - after the first two nights of protests turned violent... with demonstrators smashing windows and lighting fires. more than 70 people have been arrested during the protests - including one man - who's
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killing a protester. a police chase in southern california - caught on camera... and this one - had people across the country - holding their breath - wondering - exactly how it was going to end.... it started out normal enough... the suspect - wanted for stealing a car - hits the 215 freeway - at speeds of up to 90 miles an hour... then out of nowhere... he slows down - and pulls over. game over? not so fast. he gets out of his car - holding what appeared to be a sword at first. turns out - that was a windshield wiper. he then crosses four lanes of traffic - and casually walking to an overpass - where a standoff with police begins. the suspect - makes several threatening motions with the windshield wiper... but officers remain calm - and hold their positions... that is - until the suspect - climbs onto the overpass and takes a seat. custody.take him into rush in to officers - rush in to take
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a developing story out of houston... a lawyer... armed with two guns - and more than 25-hundred rounds of ammunition - randomly opens fire - wounding half a dozen people... the shooting started in a houston neighborhood around sunrise... the suspect - firing at drivers. investigators say he - was wearing military style dress - with old nazi emblems. he was armed with a handgun and tommygun. in all - six people were shot - one of the victims was critically wounded. three people were hurt by shattering glass. tx??more?shooting?witness ?reax??sot???2shooterwitn esstx.mp4 00:00:39;11 i had my window down im hearing the bullets pass my faceliterally like the air you know what im saying it was crazy ive never been that close to actual gunfire like that police shot and killed the suspect - who's being described as a disgruntled lawyer. no word on a motive. the suspect in a deadly
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shooting in deadly mall suspect in a the a motive. no word on a disgruntled lawyer. no word on a motive. the suspect in a deadly mall shooting in washington makes his first court appearance. police say arcan cetin admitting to bringing a rifle into the mall and shooting all five victims... he left the gun on a counter - before fleeing the scene. is originally from turkey - but is now a legal permanent resident. so far - there's no word of any motive - but there were photos of iran's supreme leader - and the leader of isis on his blog. his parents say he had mental health issues. million dollar bond. scary moments in new york state - as two planes collide midair. it happened just south of buffalo. the private planes had three people on board. all three were killed. no one on the ground was hurt. the f-a-a and n-t-s-b are now investigating the crash. in tonight's business watch... new home sales tumbled 7 and a half percent
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regi west. the sluggish sales were expected. in july - sales surged to their highest level in nearly nine years. experts say a lack of inventory is party to blame. pfizer makes a big announcement. the drug company confirming they will not split into two companies. pfizer is the maker of powerhouse drugs viagra and lyrica - and has been talking about a split for several years. the company says shareholders will benefit the most - if the company stays whole. a former verizon employee federal charges - for selling customer information to a private investigator. prosecutors say the alabama man - used the company's computers to find information about private call records - and cell phone locations. the feds haven't released any information about how many customers were affected - or what the information was used for. a down day on wall street... the dow - was down about one percent - losing 166 points. the nasdaq was down 48 points...
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a heartwarming reunion... a valley soldier is greeted by his best friend - as he returns from deployment. a new study - showing american high school students - are spending too much time on the couch. the push - to get them moving. and lady gaga releasing new details about her upcoming album... the popular singer who'll be making a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no.
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i can't say that either. news alert... these are live pictures of a fire - burning in south phoenix near 21st street and buckeye. when you're in the military and you get that call to deploy, you have to get your things in order and go. what if one of those things is your beloved dog or cat, and you don't have any one to watch them. the arizona humane society has a program
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williams was there as a returning solider got to see his pet again. his pet .... a german shepherd named zeus. the soldier found himself deployed to the middle east 15 months ago.' thankfully the arizona humane society has a special program help care for his beloved pet. (( 0463lc.mxf 03:14:56;21 i miss you buddy i miss you)) when you get deployed to iraq and kuwait, finding someone to take care of your best friend
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the motto of this program is be a hero to a hero with project active duty. we have
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our website, fox 10 look in the seen on tv section. linda williams fox 10 news arizona governor doug ducey is heading to canada - to promote businesses between arizona and our neighbors to the north... governor ducey will visit toronto and montreal the first week of october. members of the arizona chamber of commerce - the greater phoenix economic council - and the arizona commerce authority canadian businesses provide more than 18-thousand jobs here in arizona - and nearly 1- million canadians visit our state each year. britian's royal couple - continuing their tour of canada today - visiting an outreach center in vancouver. the center helps women with drug and alcohol addictions. prince william - and his wife catherine brought their two young children on the trip - but they were not with them today... this is their first overseas trip as a family of four.
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to rehab her image? the surprise visit she made over the weekend. losing just a few pounds can be hard work... so imagine what it takes - to shed more than 300! one valley man's incredible
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in tonight's health watch- - a new study shows many high school students in the u-s are not getting enough exercise. researchers studied dozens of teens for four years... and found only nine- percent of those students met the current exercise recommendations. the study also showed those habits continued after high school. some experts believe a lack of physical education in schools is to blame. it's recommended that teens get at least one hour activity every day. a valley man lost more than half of his body weight-- and now he's sharing his story to help motivate others to believe in themselves. fox10's courtney griffin has the story of a man who now has what he calls "a new lease on
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after jeff had the skin removal surgery he went and traveled the world for 2 months... something he said he could have never done before. lindsay it was like a jailbreak. ripped his helmet off on this play. do you want to know why the offense didn't click? he was under pressure most of the afternoon in buffalo. he is supposed to escape the pocket.
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bruce arians's huddle with the media. the big questions, all the interceptions, the four i.n.t.'s, his explanation. >> he threw them and they are all on him. he was expecting michael floyd to break in front of the guys, which he should have. he gave jarron a 50-50 ball, twice and stared down the second one but it wasn't deep enough. >> reporter: day one of phoenix suns season, media day hope and expectations center around the big guy. alex len returning and they should be fun to watch. >> we're excited to get to the training tramp and we should get good positional battles in camp and it is one of the deepest teams we've had. we are young and inexperienced
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when we return 9:00, bruce arians on the status of the football team. very blunt and candid today. we'll see you at 9:00. lindsey lohan is making headlines for all of the right
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lindsay lohan visits with
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syrian refugees in a turkey hospital. the 30-year-old actress stopped by a home of a family in aleppo. the visit was planned by the government but kept secret to avoid a spectacle. puff daddy is donating $1 million at howard university. the money will be used to create a scholarship fund, which will help business majors with financial scholarship resip yenltds will be able to intern at one of his businesses. this makes me feel old. that was nirvana's historic album turning 25. album launched the grunge movement and turned kurt cobain into an icon. cobain took his life three years after album was released.
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upcoming album. it will be called janet -- "joann," which is her middle name. album will be released on october 21. and the "magnificent seven" debuts at the top of the box office. the western starring denzel washington pulled in $30 million. "storks" opened at second with $22 million. here is a look inside hofstra university. the first presidential debate is minutes away. you can watch it here on fox 10. john hook is there and he will join us on a special edition of fox 10 news after the debate.
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this is fox news special presentation. i'm shepard smith live at hofstra university and this is the fox broadcast special coverage of the first presidential debate of 20916. in hempstead, new york, just outside manhattan. the first face to face showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump and also the first time a woman will be on the stage and donald trump's first time against anybody. so many people onstage he could hang back and let the other candidates go at it. not tonight. tonight all eyes are on hillary clinton and donald trump.


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